Hawaii Auto A/C Compressors, Condensers & Blower Motors

Air Conditioning Parts and Supplies in Honolulu

With the year round high heat levels found in Hawaii we rely on our automobile’s Air Conditioning regularly and this constant use leads to the need for repair. Many times your car’s A/C compressor will stop working or maybe even the condenser breaks. If you are lucky then it’s a simpler fix such as an A/C relay, a stuck valve or maybe a blocked filter. A harder fix would be the Idler Assembly or the Blower motor…..

Hawaii auto air conditioning parts

Auto Air Conditioning Condensers, Compressors, Evaporators and Filters!

At CARQUEST Hawaii, on Oahu and the Big Island, we can supply you and your auto with the proper air conditioning parts for your auto. These are quality evaporators, switches and relays. We carry a wide range of stock including A/C valves hoses and filters.

Again, if you are having problems with your car’s air conditioning, we can help. Our trained staff knows automotive A/C and is happy to assist you with the purchase of your compressor, condenser or evaporator. These new parts will help your cars air conditioning blow cold once again.

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