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Fuel System Parts for your Car

Are you troubleshooting your car’s fuel system? When the fuel in your Hawaii auto is not correctly mixed with oxygen it will not burn properly and cause your car to lose power or possibly not start at all. You may be in need of a new fuel filter or perhaps your fuel injector nozzle is plugged. Older cars were equipped with carburetors that are able to be rebuilt. Also, a faulty fuel pump will not supply your car with the proper fuel pressure to maintain a good idle and sufficient power.

At CARQUEST Hawaii we stock these and other fuel system parts to keep your car on Honolulu’s roads. Often times your issue could just be an old fuel filter which is a quick fix. If that does not resolve your issue then the next thing to consider is the fuel pump. These pumps tend to stop working properly and can lead to improper function. Modern cars use an ECU (electronic control unit) that can also be sending bad signals that are causing problems that appear to be fuel system related.

Hawaii Auto Fuel System Parts

Quality Fuel Injectors, Nozzles and Filters in Honolulu

So when you car is in need of fuel system parts be sure to check with our friendly sales staff to see if we have your parts. We have many convenient locations throughout Oahu and the Big Island.

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