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Automobile Ignition Systems on Oahu and the Big Island

Be sure to stop by Carquest Hawaii on Oahu or the Big Island for your ignition parts when working on your import or American car. Using quality distributors, spark plugs, plug wires and coils is important as it is vital to keep your automobile starting and running well. Cheaply made ignition parts will leave you on the side of the road!

The ignition system parts are needed to create spark that will then ignite the fuel-air mixture in your car’s engine. It does this with precision and without proper spark the fuel will go un-burned and your will lose power and performance. Power can be lost with bad spark plug wires or other ignition parts.

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Get your Ignition Parts at Carquest Hawaii

At Carquest Hawaii, on Oahu and the Big Island, we stock all of the top brands of ignition parts for your import or American made car. Whether it’s a new set of spark plugs, rotor and distributor cap for a tune up or maybe a new distributor or ignition switch to troubleshoot a bad spark.

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